Lost manifesto

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03/12/2012 by funnomad

In reading back issues of Blackfish, a small and short-lived Vancouver zine 1971-2, I came across this manifesto from editors Allan Safarik and Brian Brett, which I excerpt:

“This is my message to the world:

Candy companies don’t pay for cavities!

I feel shitty today.

My poverty forfeited my mountain dream.

Make some broadsides if you will.

I am too soul-tired and lovesick to send or sort poetry.

Fuck the Canadian Immigrations pigs!

All nations! Their fucking pigs.

We were all born into this world. Money, power are NOT accident.

It is time people see the restrictions and distributions of privilege for what they are.

Savages have too much SELF dignity (real) to take being pushed around!

Wake up and get your spear!

Shove the Hogs out of the trough!

The revolution is coming.


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