Ides of March


16/03/2013 by funnomad

So yes, beware today. Beware the evening of the Ides of March as well. At the Brock-Fulbright lecture last night, custodial services swept away the Ought book in a foul stir. I returned as the morning sky rose russet mantel clad, but it was gone. One Ought becomes Ought Too, and the project rebegins again for the first time. (New due date = 23 June)…

this is the last photo of the old, just by her elbow… and gone…




One thought on “Ides of March

  1. garybarwin says:

    I’m glad that you had backed up the content to a thumb drive and can now reprint it onto the Ought Two pages. Ah but Spring is full of renewals — the fall back is the spring forward.

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