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Poetry Books


Boycott. Los Angele: Make Now Books, 2014.

The Obvious Flap. Co-authored with Gary Barwin. Toronto: BookThug, 2011.

Psychic Geographies and Other Topics. Toronto: Toronto: Quattro, 2010.

The Others Raisd in Me. Toronto: Pedlar Press, 2009.

Haikube. Collaborative work with Hallie Siegel and Matt Donovan. Toronto: BookThug, 2006.

If Language. Toronto: BookThug, 2005.

“The overall impression given is of a peripatetic experimentalist, sort of a Canadian Richard Kostelanetz”

-Ron Silliman


Betts, Gregory, Vanessa Place, and Christian Bok. Parlour Portraits.Toronto: BookThug Press, 2012.

Lost Lines Found. Wilkes-Barre, PA: Chapbookpublisher, 2012.

Three Words Per Poem. Vancouver: Pooka Press, 2011.

BLASTogenesis. Calgary: No Press, 2010.

The Twelve Trials of Jason Chimera. Brantford: Laurel Reed Books, 2010.

Betts, Gregory and Gary Barwin (co-authored equally). Chora Sea. Toronto: Emergency Response Unity, 2009.

The Others Raisd in Me: Chapbook published by Trainwreck Press (2008).

The Curse of Canada: Chapbook published by above/ground press (2007).

“he” and “his”: broadside #9, Puddle Grin (2007)

“Liberated in the Streets” : broadside 3.12 (October 2006), Spire Poetry Posters.

Most Unique Savages: Chapbook collaboration with Angela Rawlings, Mark Truscott, and Rob Read, Semanti$ Press (2006)

The Cult of David Thompson: Chapbook published by above/ground press (2005)

“Love she said to me”: broadside #221, published by above/ground press (2004)

Four Anagrams: Chapbook published by housepress (2002)

Weather Report Suite: Chapbook published by housepress (2002)

All You Need To Know: Chapbook published by housepress (2001)


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