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  1. “In that fertile silence I am hearing many

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    04/06/2013 by funnomad

    “In that fertile silence I am hearing many things and taking in a great deal,” Phyllis Webb.

  2. Reading Ought

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    13/04/2013 by funnomad

    Day #29: Ought tries to blend in with its peers. So far, Ought has attended readings by the following authors, …
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    25/03/2013 by funnomad

    What does the blank space on a page mean for you? Susan Howe: “Freedom. Ah, I suppose, ultimately, freedom. The …
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  4. Ides of March


    16/03/2013 by funnomad

    So yes, beware today. Beware the evening of the Ides of March as well. At the Brock-Fulbright lecture last night, …
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